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First and foremost, there will be no non-consented sexual acts such as Rape, Public Sexual acts, and other such acts in Public rooms. People who decide to do such things in private are urged to make sure the person they are talking to (i.e. their mun) is at or above the age of 18 (eighteen).

Secondly, one should abide by the TOS rules of AOL. This includes swearing, foul slandering, or racial slurs. This is to help ensure a more enjoyable RPing experience.


All actions are relatively easy to make. If one wanted to pick up a glass all they would have to type to show such an action would be:

::Picks up glass::

Note the :: ::  This is the basic way to show action in most of Rhydin. Other variants include -= =- and other pieces of individuality.

To speak to people all one needs to do is speak with words. Type what is on your mind like such:

JediMastr: You have learned well. Your skills are getting better every day.

MiknIke:   Thank you master. ::Bows:: I appreciate your praise.

Most of this is elementary to experienced roleplayers. This being the case, I expect that all experienced RPers help with any other parts of RPing that come along with being a part of Rhydin.

Place in Society

As everyone wishes to be a Jedi, and I can appreciate that, not everyone can be one. Now I do not mean to hamper the RPing experience I just wish to make a little diversity in the game world. So here are a few examples of Jobs/Occupations and their descriptions.

Jedi Master: Obviously, a master of the force and teacher. These individuals do not battle as much as they teach the propper way of the force. These individuals tend to be old and more intuned with the force, thus making them very powerful adversaries. Note: Some masters still do battle, but mostly for teaching purposes and protecting their students.

Jedi Knight: These are the Students that have accomplished all their teachers requirements. These Knights are the battle Jedi, and those who uphold all that the force is, thus upholding all that is good.

Padawans: Fledgling Jedi. These are the students of the Jedi. Enough said.

Sith Lord: These are the Masters of the Sith. There is supposed to be only one Sith Master, remaining unknown for the sake of gaming, and the Lords were taught by sith long dead, so the Lords now have a vague recollection of who he is. The Lords, unlike their equal the Jedi Masters, fight as much as possible.  Their primary goal is to spread chaos throughout the universe.

Sith Warrior: These are the not so powerful sith. Their quest the same as their masters, to spread Chaos, but they are not as attuned to the dark side. Still, they are formidable.

Sith Apprentice: As the Padwans are, but for the darkside.

Senator: These are the people who help decide the laws of each guild. It is recomended that each guild have two senators, for they will be representing the guild for the bettering of the forum. To make note here for all: Any non jedi/sith may be attuned with the force. Not all people are cut out to be a jedi, however. these restrictions may be due to age, race, or lack of teaching. Force sensitive characters can be taught basic tricks through Jedi or Sith willing to teach.

Pilot: There are many types of pilots, unfortunately they rarely fly unless large scale battle were to occur. Most pilots fight with blasters or other such hand held weapons.

Peddler: The sellers of merchandise. Weapons and items are bought by the forum and resold for profit. Peddlers may also fight as they please and are very active in society.

Royalty/Commoner: Royalty is basically a GC and other positions of rank. Commoners are those who create their own positions in socity (i.e. asassin/bounty hunter/etc...) and belong to a guild.

More to come with more input.