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Experience is earned by fighting spars. The amount goes as follows:

1d6: 0 experience points: must learn by teacher if Jedi/Sith.

2d6: 2,000 experience points

3d6 5,000 experience points

4d6 10,000 experience points

5d6 20,000 experience points

6d6 50,000 experience points

7d6 100,000 experience points

8d6 300,000 experience points

9d6 700,000 experience points

10d6 1,000,000 experience points

Heres how it works:

Each spar earns you a minimun of 50 EXP's (if you lose). The winner of a ono on one match recieves 100 * the number of points won by. Winning a fight means exceeding the number of points required to win the match. The minimum points to fight is 30, there is no max.


The out is 35. Final score is JJmastr~35 JJmastr2~40. JJmastr2 recieves 50 EXP's for the loss. JJmastr recieves 500 (100*#points won by).

Mass Spars: The winner recieves 200* winning amount. Losers recieve 100 EXP's.


Out is 55 JJ1~32 JJ2~57 JJ3~62 JJ2 and JJ3 recieve 100 EXP's. JJ1 recieves 4600 EXP's ((55-32)*200=4600)

Death Matches: Winner recieves 20,000 Experience points.

Honor Matches (includes Bounty Matches): winner recieves 100* points won by. Loser recieves nothing. If a bounty match: the loser (if criminal) must be allowed to be captured by hunter. The criminal is then turned in for bounty. If criminal wins: Hunter is knocked unconcious and loses track for 5 IRL days. (this means that the hunter cannot attampt capture for that amount of time)

Assassination: If completed: 100* number of points above kill. otherwise, 50 EXP's.