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The dice system is based on the SW RP game with a few modifications. Here goes:

The dice system is d6 based. Skills are raised by adding 1d6 to your skill by getting enough experience for the addition of that d6. Such amounts will be pointed out in the Experience section. The maximum amount of d6 in any one skill is 10d6, lowest 1d6. The only way to get a skill is by learning by a master or someone who knows the skill, on  may never exceed the d6 amount of the one who taught them the skill. In order to teach on must be taught to teach by the forum leaders or the GC's who are taught to teach their skills. The most skills one character may have is 7 (seven) and all must be posted in their profile (wether it be web based or on AOL). All beginning characters recieve 3 skills that are not taught to them by a teacher (excludes ALL Jedi/Sith skills.)


Being related to dice use, skills are listed here along with restrictions:

Armed Combat: min 1d6 max 4d6 5d6 or above requires specialization. Does not include Lightsaber.

Blaster: min 1d6 max 5d6. Specialization of weapon for 6d6 or above.

Barter: min 1d6 max 3d6 (roll*10% is amount reduced from cost of item.)

Droid Repair/Program: min1d6 max 10d6

Force Skills:

Alter: min 1d6 max 10d6

Sense: min1d6 max 10d6

Beast Languages - Translate and speak animal languages.

Combat Sense - (add 1d6 to attack roll) All that you see is the battle. Targets are highlighted in your mind. Not for crowded spaces.

Danger Sense - (add 2d6 to sense AA) Sense inpending danger.

Life Detection - Sense presense of a lifeform that is hidden. Ineffective against Emptiness.

Life Sense - Sense a specific person and determine their well-being.

Life Web - Used to detect a gathering (100,000 or more) of one species.

Magnify Senses - Use this to enhance vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch.

Merge Senses - Link with another, using their senses for you. DANGEROUS! This one can kill you if the target dies!

Postcognition - Visualize previous events. Must be in contact with a related object or person.

Predict Natural Disaster - Sense inpending natural disasters up to two days in advance.

Receptive Telepathy - Read the surface thoughts of another. Must be of lesser level than you, Sith or Jedi, to work.

Sense Force - Sense the force presense.

Sense Force Potential - Determine the force potential of another.

Sense Path - Tell if you're on the right path, Light or Dark.

Shift Sense - Change hearing, vision, taste, smell, touch to a different level.

Translation - Translate and speak languages you have not encountered.

Weather Sense - Tell what the weathers going to be like. Must be familiar with local area weather to work

Telekinesis -( if used to attack some one it is 1d6, min 1d6, less than your posted skill) Move objects or people around. If used to attack another, you are on the dark path.

Control: min 1d6 max 10d6

Absorb/Dissipate Energy - (add 2d6 to your defense. will not work in defense of Lightsaber) Absorb/Dissipate light, heat, blaster bolts, other things like that.

Accelerate Healing - (cannot be used in combat. Can be used to heal someone after a deadly fight. Can only be used once) Speed up natural healing process.

Concentration - Clear all negative thoughts, focusing on the force.

Contort/Escape - Escape by dislocating joints. Painful or WHAT?

Control Disease - Speed up recovery from diseases.

Control Pain - ( roll 1d6 and you can last that many rounds divided by two after you are "dead") Blocks out pain, but you pass out after the fight

Detoxify Poison -Detoxify or eject a poison that has entered your body!

Emptiness - Cannot be sensed through the force, but you're in a trance and can't move!

Enhance Attribute -( add 1d6 for 2d6 rounds) Short term increase in ability.

Force of Will - (add 1d6 to defense) Defend against hostile force powers. No good against lighting and force storms.

Hibernation Trance - Slows down vital signs.

Reduce Injury - Alter level of injury.

Remain Conscious - Allows you to stay conscious even when you should be unconscious. Short term only!

Remove Fatigue - Increase stamina.

Resist Stun - Avoid getting stunned, but you have to be prepared for this.

Short-Term Memory Enhancement - Recall events that you do not remember.

Control And Sense

Farseeing - See whats going on at a distance. Sense the future or past. Always changing is the future.

Instinctive Astrogation - Find the best or most elusive way to one's destination. Useful in the Maw :)

Life Bond - A PERMANENT mental link between two people. Either person can tell the situation of the other.

Lightsaber Combat - (Add 1-3d6 to Lightsaber battle. Depends on skill of teacher. If used as a defense from blaster: 6d6 armor rating, if against another saber: Defense equals attack roll.) Maximize Combat Effectiveness. If hit while using this skill it must be reinitiated. It can be used before battle (must be stated in log) and takes once  combat round to reinitiate. (cannot attack that round)

Projective Telepathy - Send your thoughts to another. Target cannot tell who is sending the thoughts.

Control And Alter

Accelerate Another's Healing - (cannot be used in comabt) Speed up the healing of a friend or companion!

Control Another's Disease - Help someone recover from a disease more quickly. Must be in contact with that person.

Control Another's Pain - Help another control pain. Must be in contact with that person.

Control Breathing - Control the amount of air you recieve and filter out necessary breathing materials in hazardous areas.

Detoxify Poison in Another - Remove poisions from another. Must be in contact with that person.

Place Another in Hibernation Trance - Put someone else in a trance. They must consent and you must be in contact.

Remove Another's Fatigue - Reduce fatigue. Must be in contact with that person.

Return Another to Consciousness - Return another to consciousness. Must be in contact with that person.

Transfer Force - (Must be used within three mun hours. Three Jedi/Sith must use this power at once. They must roll their skill and beat the total damage done by twice as much in order to ressurect the deceast) Transfer life force to save another. They are in a trance for up to 6 weeks so they can be healed.

Control, Sense, And Alter

Affect Mind - Change anothers thinking. "These are not the droids you're looking for"..enough said.

Battle Meditation* -  ( plus 1d6 in battle to all allies)Force foes to fight amongst one another OR to strengthen allies resolve to win. DANGEROUS INDEED!

Enhanced Coordination - Enhance the coordination of another or a group.

Force Harmony - Several Jedi using this power can confuse users of the Dark Side.

Note: Here is how force skill work. The skills listed under the Main skills use your skill dice for that Main skill. For skill under two (2) skill lists (i.e. Alter/Control) Add your skill levels and divide by two (2) and roll that amount. For skill with three Main skill divide by three (3). Also Note that when a Jedi comes into being the three skill each get three skills. This means that A new Jedi can learn 3 skills from Alter and 3 skills from Sense. Then they can learn 5 skills from te combination skills. Only the Three Main skills count towards the Seven max skills per person. Each skill MUST be taught to each individual by a master.

Hand to Hand Combat: min 1d6 Max 10d6

Lightsaber: min 1d6 max 6d6 (due to damage of saber)

Perception: min 1d6 max 4d6


Large Scale Battle

Large scale battle (space battle) is still under construction. No skills will be listed until compleded. Pilots will be used more when these skills become more available.