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I hope this system is satasfactory to everyone. It is fair in my eyes and original... but, as I said, it is a minor rip off of the game with minor adjustments... so please bear with it.

Most importantly is initiative. Everyone will have 3d6 to start and can increase this d6 with the skill "perception." The highest roll goes first, second highest second, etc... this goes for all battles, MS, HM, DM, or regular spar.

Spar/DM/HM: Spars are between two people, and two people only. It is a practice one on one battle that no one really gets hurt. The fight goes as follows: After inititive is rolled, the forst person makes attack Note: All attacs are made in this fashion for all spars. All weapons have a damage level granted to them. That dice level is added to skill level for that weapon. (weakest lightsaber is 6d6 damage. The max amount skill is 6d6. total 12d6 attack roll.) That amount is rolled and the d6's added to make a total. THen the defender uses his armor (or lightsaber if available) for defense. (Blast vest is 4d6 defense.) whatever the amount is above the defense is added to the damage. The amount of damage recievable is alloted at the beginning of the spar, after init is rolled. As soon as the loser reaches the agreed amount the spar is over.


Jedi vs. STrooper

Jedi rolls 3d6 for init: gets 12

STrooper rolls 3d6 and gets 3; Jedi goes first.

Out of 30 is called.

Jedi attacks with light saber, skill is 3d6, damage from saber is 6d6. Total is 9d6 for attack. The roll is 44.

STrooper deends with Trooper vest 6d6 defense. Rolls 10; 34 is remaining amount. STrooper gets no attack.

Jedi wins by 4; Depending on battle typ EXP is allocated by Guild Spar validator.

Mass Spar: Mass spars are run like general spars but more than one person is involved.There are two types of Mass Spars. A Free For All and a Team Spar. In Free For All's each individual tries to make all opponents reach determined out. They can attack a maximum of two (2) opponents in a single round by splitting attack dice (i.e. total blaster and blaster damage is 12d6. Attacking two opponents it is 6d6 to each opponent). Damage to an individual is tagged on their name. The winner is established by being the only one under the defined amount.

Team Spars can be done one of two ways. Even or uneven battle. Even battle is, for example, two on two. The winner, if it be one or both members of a team, splis the winning EXP's by number of team mates and shares it equally with them. In uneven one person battle two, or Three on five, etc... the groups are of uneven amounts. The winnign team splits EXP's as many ways as there is members. To win a match all or one member of any group must remain the sole survivors. More than one group may fight at one time, to a maximum of four groups at once. These rules apply to Death Mass Spars as Well.( Otherwise known as War Matches, EXP's in that case are split as if a MS had taken place, not DM).

Space Battles: More to Come.